About the company

"INSIDE OUT where outside is in" is a small family owned and operated business offering the highest quality aromatherapy products available. We believe that quality, honesty, integrity and trust is what holds a company together and we look forward to establishing satisfied customer relationships.
Here at IOwoii LLC you can find custom made aromatherapy products, trustworthy organic and wild crafted essential oil singles and blends, and a nice variety of diffusers. AND as an added convenience we offer FREE local pickup and Payment. You can find out more on the SHIPPING & RETURNS PAGE.

We proudly offer a line of Certified Organic, Organically grown and Wild Crafted essential oils that you can trust.  We believe the key to trustworthy essential oils is working with farmers and distillers who care how they are maintained, harvested, distilled, shipped and stored! You can read more about these precious oils on the ESSENTIAL OILS PAGE.

We are excited about the many ways available to diffuse our essential oils! We offer something for the home, your vehicle, even personal and portable.  You can find out more about each diffusing method on the DIFFUSERS PAGE.

Our products are NOT ready made and sitting on a shelf, they are freshly made and filled by hand when ordered!  We offer a Product Line & Custom Order section for our customers, and have some of our best sellers available in this section, as well as printable sheets showing our full product line and pricing. Prices are subject to change with your custom order requests. For more information, see our PRODUCT LINE & CUSTOM ORDER PAGE.

About the owner

Hi happy to see you here!

From 2013-2016 I threw myself into the world of Aromatherapy.  I connected with some of the best aromatherapy companies, joined classes, completed courses, read books from leading authors on the subject, and will continue with education in the Aromatherapy world because where there is change there is always more to learn!

In 2015 I started making aromatherapy products for family and friends.  Can I just say, WOW, thank you to all who trusted me to develop numerous recipes from scratch!  I found that I really enjoy personalizing products.  Everyone has different needs, likes and dislikes.  Let's face it!  What works for one doesn't always work for another and being unique is what I'm all about.
A list of "no no" ingredients can be linked to many of today's complaints such as headaches, allergies, brain fog, lethargy, skin issues, anxiety and asthma.   It really is possible to be free of the nasty chemicals and synthetics that are found in many of the store bought products today!
So whether you're an enthusiast and wish to make your own products, or you like the convenience of ready made products, we are here to help!

In 2017, a decision was made to design an online Aromatherapy store.  My personal goal when starting this company was, and still is, to reach our local community first! Going beyond that and reaching out to an online community is a bonus!  Offering a virtual Aromatherapy store is a stepping stone for IOwoii LLC and what's to come!