Product Line & Custom Orders

Who doesn’t LOVE to be pampered and given special attention?!  We hope that’s exactly what you will feel when you order from our products line!
Making our own products using all natural, pure ingredients without the use of synthetic chemicals or additives directly promotes positive, healthy energy!

Our products are not sitting on a shelf collecting dust, they are freshly made when ordered!
Quality time is spent in creating all of our recipes!  Since this is the case, we ask that you allow up to 3 days to fill.
NOTE: Orders are filled on a first come first serve basis and may be necessary to extend wait time.  We will keep you posted if this is the case.

We have a variety of recipes conveniently created for our products line.  We do realize that at times there is a need to adjust a recipe for personal reasons;  age, health, pregnancy, or simply for scent (let’s be honest the scent of an essential oil plays a big role)!

Start by taking a look at our 3 categories:
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We look forward to serving you and discussing the possibility of creating something special just for you!
*All prices are subject to change
*Customizing is optional and may require an additional fee.