Germs & Antiviral Broad Spectrum

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Blend Description

Stop germs and viral activity in it’s tracks with our GERMS & ANTIVIRAL “BROAD SPECTRUM”, a highly beneficial oil blend to have on hand!  We find it works great for a variety of uses…hence the name!

Germs & Antiviral blend is potent and can cause skin irritation if not diluted properly. Keep out of child’s reach.

Notes that are Spicy, Earthy & Herbaceous

Add drops of blend in a diffuser to help in the home.
Add drops of blend to a personal inhaler for immediate help.
Add drops of blend in a spray to help the air around you.
Add drops of blend to your body care line.

NOTE: When you purchase Germs & Antiviral blend, it comes with a few recipes…You’re welcome!

Available Sizes


5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml

2 reviews for Germs & Antiviral Broad Spectrum

  1. Benaub

    I use it on my children’s feet. My kids mainly get viral infections opposed to bacterial and this works wonders!

  2. DeviSou

    Not only does it kill germs without toxic ingredients, it smells amazing!! When I use it in my diffuser at work, coworkers want to camp out in my office! Lol
    I love it and use it as a hand sanitizer, general germ kill spray – door knobs, counters etc, and in my diffuser for clean air. ❤️ HIGHLY recommend

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