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This LIP BALM is truly wonderful! NO synthetics, NO mineral oil, NO petroleum, NO preservatives, just top notch ingredients that are actually good for your lips! Has great staying power, keeping your lips soft & hydrated longer; added tea tree helps eliminate viral activity. Now offering SPF on certain flavors!

What to expect:
Certified Organic or Wild Crafted Essential Oil blend
Organic Carrier Oil blend
Organic Bees Wax
Organic Shea Butter
No preservatives added
No harsh or harmful additives

Who doesn’t like a deal? Buying more than one Lip Balm of the same flavor equals a deal!
See information below:
$4.00 each for one-two (same flavor)
$3.50 each for three-five (same flavor)
$3.00 each for six-eight (same flavor)
$2.50 each for nine-eleven (same flavor)
Here’s how it works:
Our ordering system is alerted when more than one Lip Balm of the same flavor is ordered. Within minutes the appropriate amount of credit will be issued back to your card!
NOTE: Our system issues your credit almost immediately, however, depending on your banking system the issued credit could take up to 2 days to show on your end.

Available Flavors:
Citrus Blend
Mint Blend 
Mint w/Tea Tree 
Peppermint Cafe Mocha

4 reviews for Lip Balm

  1. SenaBri

    I took the SPF Mint with tea tree lip balm for use on my Florida vacation. Happy to report my lips did not burn, I enjoyed the feel of the balm, and my lips stayed hydrated. I also LOVE the smell. Highly recommend!

  2. DeviSou

    I have a really hard time finding a lip balm that both hydrated and heals. This product does that. I buy several at a time because I never want to be without. Office.. purse.. bed stand etc.. love it and they make great stocking stuffer gifts at Christmas!!
    Love the Christmas flavor options too 😊

  3. Dionn1229

    There are no words to describe my love for this lip balm! I order about 10 at a time and use at least 2-3 at one time!! I keep them by my bed, purse, & bathroom!! Let’s just say it’s always available!! My favorite is the citrus with tea tree. My lips are chap free and hydrated to the max!


    I love this lip balm. It keeps lips,feeling hydrated and soft all day! Its also very healing for chapped lips

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