Moxe Dream


1. Remove personal diffuser from packaging; pop off the cap
2. Press your lips to the diffuser
3. Breathe in through your mouth for 2-3 seconds
4. Exhale through your nose

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Product Description


Lavender – Contains sedative and calming properties
Lemongrass – Relieves stress, anxiety and insomnia
Grapefruit – Alleviates anxiety with a soothing aroma

Soothing scents reduce sleep disturbance and fight insomnia. Promoting a peaceful mindset where sleep can blossom, this relaxing blend of essential oils coaxes you into a deep, healing slumber and allows you to wake up with a clear mind.

USA based essential oils
All Moxe essential oils are extracted in the USA, ensuring purity and effectiveness. Moxe only utilizes the highest-quality ingredients available.

All Moxe essential oils are certified organic, and are held to the highest standards. Sourced products are from organic growers and distillers who take pride in sourcing from mother nature, and nothing else.

Perfectly formulated
Moxe essential oils are formulated to be quickly absorbed by the smell receptors, which have a direct link to the limbic system which controls how you feel.


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