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Oil Description

Red myrtle typically comes from either Albania or Morocco, while green myrtle comes from Corsica. Red myrtle contains more 1,8-cineole than green myrtle. It also contains Myrtenol acetate, which green myrtle has little to none of. Both are soft and lovely oils to use during a cold or flu to reduce tension, congestion, and muscle pains.

Distilled from the Myrtus communis plant, myrtle essential oil can bring balance and rejuvenation to both mind and body. Besides being wonderful for supporting the respiratory system, myrtle essential oil is great for rejuvenating skin. It is soothing for the digestive system when dealing with gas, cramps, or upset stomach. Its antimicrobial activity can help keep germs & viral activity at bay. It is also antifungal and known to help combat Candida. Myrtle’s properties make it useful for bringing soothing relief to numerous types of red, irritated conditions. Myrtle can also clear the mind when it feels foggy and may help relieve headaches.

Emotionally and energetically, myrtle can promote a positive and calming atmosphere. It can help soothe nerves and calm an overactive mind, thus making it a great sleep aid.

Oil Properties

Botanical Name: Myrtus communis
Bontanical Family: Myrtaceae
Cultivation: Organically grown
Country of Origin: Albania
Extraction Method: Steam distilled
Plant Part: Leaves
Odor: Camphoraceous, Fresh, Herbaceous
Shelf Life: 4 years after distillation

Therapeutic Properties: Antimicrobial, Antispasmodic, Carminative, Cephalic, Expectorant, Supports a healthy appetite

Safety: If oxidized, it may cause irritation or sensitization. It may antidote homeopathic remedies. It is too strong to use with babies or children under 5 years old. Care must be taken when using with asthmatics.

Key constituents:
65.34% – Monoterpenes
19.73% – Oxides
4.55% – Esters
A Full GC/MS report is available upon request

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