Vitastik Calm


1. Remove personal diffuser from packaging; pop off the cap
2. Press your lips to the diffuser
3. Breathe in through your mouth for 2-3 seconds
4. Exhale through your nose

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Product Description


Taste… is fantastic and highly calming! 100% EIDBLE ORGANIC FORMULAS. Powered with 40 doses of B12. Helps you relax, deal with Anxiety Attacks, Stress, PTSD, and other related symptoms. Crushed Edible Organic Vanilla, Roses, real Green-Tea (NO caffeine), Essential Oils, Vitamins, and Valerian Root.

Aromatherapy has never been so easy! There is something about flavors and scents … the sense of smell has the strongest effect and emotional tie to the soul and mind. This formula is designed to calm the mind through sense of smell and aromatherapy.

The Essential Oil blend used works to recreate a calming Aura that can linger in the air around you for hours. The Valerian works to settle anxiety, PTSD, and more, while the rose soothes, and the Vanilla works to trigger our most primordial thoughts. The combination of these together is CALMING and peaceful.

All USA made VitaStik’s contain roughly 1 RDI (recommended daily intake) of vitamin A, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E, CoQ10 & Collagen. Then further enhance each Stik with 2000% B12, which studies show to be one of the most stable vitamin when diffused.


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