Wake Up Face Spray

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Product Description

This refreshing FACE SPRAY helps wake your senses! Feeling groggy upon waking or dozy during the day? Mist your face and feel your skin drink in the energy! Slightly cooling.
NOTE: Keep eyes closed while misting face

Notes that are Minty & Citrusy

What to expect:
Adult Blend
Dark amber plastic bottle w/ spray top
Certified Organic or Wild Crafted Essential Oils
Plant derived emulsifier may be added
No preservatives added
No harsh or harmful additives

Available Sizes

Container Size

2 oz, 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz

1 review for Wake Up Face Spray

  1. hayleidai

    Carry this in my purse everywhere I go! I order in “peppermint” & absolutely love the feel of this refreshing face mist throughout the day.

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